Apparel and accessories for men and women. We donate a portion of every sale to charities that align with our mission. Click here to learn more.

Our Story & Mission

Power Purpose Gear is driven by the desire to help people all over the world by reminding them to pursue their purpose and live a great life. Our collections serve as reminders, with graphics and ideas to remind us of the idea that we have but one life to live, so we need live our purpose to the fullest extent. To further our mission, we're donating 10% of our proceeds to charity.

Who We Are

We're a husband and wife couple who's passion is to help people on a daily basis. To say we've been through a lot together would be an understatement, and this has driven us to strive to live our greatest life every single day. Power Purpose Gear is our way to bring our inspirational ideas to the masses, and serve as a daily reminder that we must live and pursue our greatest and most prosperous life. Shop our collections and join our movement today!

Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines
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